🚀Unique Selling Points

Copycat DAO differentiates itself from other social trading platforms by providing the following unique selling points:


Copycat DAO is a community-driven social trading DAO that leverages the knowledge and skills of its members to create successful trading strategies. This provides flexibility and customization, enabling members to personalize their investment approach.

AI Technology

Copycat DAO utilizes AI technology to identify and select successful master traders and trading strategies. This innovative feature enhances the platform's ability to generate revenue and reduce investment risk.

Merit-Based System

Master Trader Spotter: Copycat DAO's merit-based system prioritizes the knowledge and skills of its community members to create a fair and equitable environment. Members can earn voting weight by either voting on successful master traders on the dashboard or submitting them via a form. The voting weight is based on the win rate of the master trader. If a master trader performs poorly, the weight of the spotter who recommended them will decrease. Spotters can rank up from Rookie to Veteran to Master based on their performance.

Strategy Builder: The DAO also has a merit-based system for recognizing and rewarding valuable contributions from traders who test their strategies on the CEX, DEX testnet. These traders can earn voting weight based on their win rate, trade amount, longevity, and drawdown. This approach ensures that all members have equal opportunities to contribute and benefit from the platform. Strategy builders can rank up from Rookie to Veteran to Master based on their performance.

Transparent and Accountable

Copycat DAO values transparency and accountability, which is reflected in the platform's focus on communication, feedback, and collaboration among traders. Members can easily evaluate the quality, credibility, and risk of master traders and trading strategies.

Innovative Funding Model

Copycat DAO's innovative funding model involves applying a dynamic tax to every buy and sell transaction involving $CCD and ETH tokens, which is used to fund the DAO treasury for copy trading and marketing efforts as well as to support the core team. The resulting ROI from every copy trade is then used to buy back and burn DAO tokens or provide liquidity, thereby adding value to the DAO.

Access to Latest Tools and Resources

Copycat DAO provides its members with access to the latest tools and resources related to social and copy trading, including cryptocurrency analysis tools, paid tools, and educational resources. The team behind Copycat DAO researches and evaluates new tools and strategies daily to ensure that members have access to the best resources available for successful copy trading investments. This access to paid tools and resources, such as Nansen and other analytics platforms, supports members in making informed investment decisions and sets Copycat DAO apart from its competitors.

Equitable and Sustainable Platform

Copycat DAO aims to foster a more equitable and sustainable platform for all members by using copy trading as an indirect trading method to avoid giving funds from the DAO treasury to traders to trade directly. The platform also utilizes both centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols to execute trades based on the strategy and the most suitable platform.

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