😻Social Media and Community

  • Twitter: Receive regular updates on Copycat DAO, including trading strategies and successful DAO copy trades.

  • Telegram: Join the Copycat DAO community for discussions, Q&A sessions, and more. To join our main Telegram group, you need to hold CCD tokens.

  • Discord: Engage with other members, create trading strategies, and stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Our Discord server will be activated as soon as we are out of our beta stage.

  • Reddit: Join the Copycat DAO subreddit for discussions, project updates, and community-driven content. Our subreddit is an excellent place to connect with other traders and investors in the Copycat DAO community.

  • Dework: Collaborate with other members and share your ideas on Dework, our project management platform.

  • GitHub: Check out our open-source codebase and contribute to the development of Copycat DAO.

  • Medium: Read our latest articles and updates on the Medium platform.

  • Twitch: Watch live trading sessions, participate in Q&A sessions, and engage with other members of the Copycat DAO community.

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