1. Genesis Stage

Design Copycat DAO and its features

  • Analyze market and competitors

  • Onboard core members

  • Create a comprehensive Litepaper

  • Launch social media accounts

  • Develop a targeted marketing strategy

  • Launch a landing page

  • Prepare for CCD token sale

  • Build partnerships with social trading communities and master traders

2. Beta Stage

Marketing and Partnerships

  • Increase awareness and interest in Copycat DAO

  • Develop partnerships with reputable traders and communities

  • Develop a comprehensive social media strategy

  • Leverage the success of the first ROIs to attract new members and investors

  • Analyze and refine marketing strategies

  • Onboard skilled and experienced community members

Trading Development

Research and analyze risks associated with copy trades on CEX and on-chain

  • Identify and prioritize significant risks

  • Develop risk management strategies for the DAO

  • Implement risk management tools and protocols for CEX and on-chain copy trades

  • Test and refine risk management strategies

  • Continuously monitor and assess risks and update strategies as needed

Develop a copy trading strategy and framework

  • Choose a master trader by analyzing their public data on different centralized exchanges

  • Conduct small-scale copy trades with selected master traders and analyze the success rate

  • Gradually increase the trade amount and conduct more trades to validate the success rate

  • Conduct the first buybacks and launch the ROI social media campaign if successful

  • Continue testing and refining the copy trading strategy

  • List successful strategies on the website dashboard for Copycat DAO members

Develop Trading Stratergies for Internal Master Traders

  • Encourage members to submit and vet trading strategies

  • Develop guidelines for implementing and testing selected strategies

  • Test strategies with master traders to validate effectiveness and identify areas for improvement

  • Refine and optimize strategies based on feedback and results

  • Consider running strategies on CEX testnets before implementing on mainnet

Trading Tools and Resources Subscription

  • Research and identify trading tools and resources.

  • Negotiate partnerships and pricing.

  • Develop a subscription model for members.

  • Continuously update based on feedback and trends.

Platform Development

Community Trading Strategy Dashboard

Our Community Trading Strategy Dashboard enables members to submit and refine trading strategies. Members can vote, provide feedback, and collaborate on strategies. The dashboard is regularly updated to reflect the latest market conditions and member preferences.

  • Develop a dashboard for members to view and interact with trading strategies submitted by the community.

  • Implement a voting system for members to vote on their favorite strategies and provide feedback.

  • Create a status system to indicate the progress of each strategy.

  • Enable members to provide input and ideas on strategies through the dashboard.

  • Continuously update and refine the dashboard based on member feedback and evolving market conditions.

Master Trader Dashboard

The objective of the Master Trader Dashboard is to provide a community-driven system for selecting master traders for copy trading, while allowing members to provide feedback and input.

  • Aggregate master traders from various exchanges

  • Develop a community-driven filter for selecting master traders

  • Implement a voting system for filter settings

  • Query selected exchanges for matching master traders

  • Assign status to each master trader based on performance and other factors

  • Make the dashboard accessible to Copycat DAO members

  • Allow members to vote and provide feedback on master traders

  • Provide clear status updates for each master trader

  • Continuously monitor and update the dashboard with new information and feedback

Copy Trading Dashboard

The Copy Trading Dashboard will provide members with an overview of the DAO's trading activity and performance, as well as important information about the DAO's treasury and funds on exchanges.

  • Develop a user-friendly interface

  • Integrate API calls to exchanges

  • Display key metrics such as ROI, trade history, and portfolio diversification

  • Provide real-time notifications for major trading events

  • Allow members to customize their dashboard preferences and notifications

  • Continuously update and improve the dashboard based on feedback and performance metrics

Trader Data Aggregator Dashboard

The Trader Data Aggregator Dashboard is an easy-to-use interface for accessing real-time macro and market data. With input from the community and master traders, it offers powerful API integrations and is frequently updated to provide the latest relevant information.

  • Research and analyze relevant macro and market data for crypto trading.

  • Build and integrate API connections for data sources into the dashboard.

  • Develop a user-friendly interface for displaying relevant data.

  • Test and refine the dashboard with input from the community and master traders.

  • Continuously update the dashboard with the most useful data sources as identified by the community.

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