Token name and symbol

Token Name: Copycat DAO

Symbol: CCD

Total supply

100 000 000 Tokens

Token Distribution

  • 20% (20,000,000 tokens) of the total supply will be sent to a multisig wallet for use in CEX listings and as part of the private sale vesting. Additional tokens can be locked for 1-2 weeks during the beta stage of the Copycat DAO protocol based on votes.

  • 80% (80,000,000 tokens) of the total supply will be paired with 5000 USD (ETH) , and LP tokens will be locked for 1 month with an unlimited month extension. They can also be used as a reward for staking LP tokens.


We have a liquidity provider who provides us with liquidity. The provider receives a 10% return on their initial investment. The initial LP will be 5000 USD / 2.64 ETH. The payback will be made through the Development Treasury. No tokens will be sent in return.

Private Sale

Twenty-five investors have contributed a total of 2.5 ETH for a private sale of 7,700,000 CCD tokens, which represents 7.7% of the total supply. Some tokens will be purchased at launch, while others will be drawn from the 20% allocation. To purchase the tokens, multiple wallets will be whitelisted during the first 15 minutes of trading at launch, and part of the supply will be taken out before launch.

After the tokens are purchased, they will be vested for investors, with distribution occurring in two phases. The first 50% of the tokens will be distributed after two weeks, and the remaining 50% will be distributed after one month. Daily distribution will occur during both phases.

Token utility and use cases

The CCD token serves several utility functions within the Copycat DAO platform, which include:

  • Generating revenue: The token is used to generate revenue for the platform's treasury through a dynamic tax on every buy and sell transaction involving CCD and ETH tokens. This revenue is used to fund platform development, liquidity provision, buyback and burn, and other initiatives to support the platform's growth.

  • Accessing the community and DApp: The token is required to access the Copycat DAO community and DApp. To interact with the merit-based voting system, submit trading strategies, view successful vetted master traders, and access paid tools and resources, members must hold at least 10,000 CCD tokens.

  • Additional use cases: In the future, the token may have additional use cases, such as:

    • Reserve for staking: The token may be used as a reserve for staking, enabling users to earn rewards for participating in the network.

    • Providing liquidity: The token may be used to provide liquidity to the platform, enabling traders to access a more liquid market.

    • Other initiatives: The token may be used to support other initiatives to drive the growth and development of the platform.

By holding CCD tokens, users can fully participate in the Copycat DAO ecosystem, benefiting from its unique features and tools to maximize their potential profits from social and copy trading.

Token listing and exchanges

CCD tokens will initially launch on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange. The team plans to reserve 10% of the token supply in a multisig wallet for centralized exchange (CEX) listings. In addition, the team intends to partner with a market maker company from the community to facilitate listings on CEXs. The team aims to target exchanges, such as MEXC.com, Gate.io, Bybit.com, OKX.com, Bitget.com, and others, that offer copy trading services.

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