😹Membership and Roles

The Copycat DAO is a community-driven social trading community that relies on the participation of its members to achieve its goals. There are several types of members who play different roles within or outside of the DAO, each with their own responsibilities and benefits. By bringing together members with different skills and expertise, the Copycat DAO aims to create a collaborative and dynamic community that can achieve its goals through collective effort.

CCD Token Holders

To participate in the Copycat DAO social trading community, all members must hold CCD tokens. These tokens provide the holder with voting rights on important decisions. Members can join the Copycat DAO community through Collab Land on Telegram and Discord. Additionally, CCD token holders can log in to the DApp to view copy trading strategies, vetted master traders, and other valuable information.


Spotters are community members who use their knowledge and experience to identify successful master traders on different exchanges. They play a key role in the DAO by helping to select the best master traders for copy trading initiatives.

External Traders

External traders are successful traders from external platforms who will be copy traded by the DAO treasury. They are not members of the DAO nor can they access the community, as well they can have a hidden unknown stratergy we do not have access to it. In exceptional cases, we may invite them to join if they perform exceptionally well.

Internal Traders

Internal traders are members of the DAO who have demonstrated their trading skills and have been approved by the community through testnet trading. They play a key role in the copy trading process by executing vetted trading strategies. The DAO treasury funds them and copies their trades. Internal traders can set a commission rate, for example 10%, on the CEX or decentralized protocol. This is important and more reliable because the DAO knows the exact strategy.

Risk manager

Risk manager are responsible for identifying and managing risks associated with Copycat DAO's trading activities. Their duties include creating risk management strategies and collaborating with the strategist and internal traders to ensure that all trading activities fall within acceptable risk limits.


Investors, also known as passive holders or token speculators, provide funding for the DAO's treasury by buying or selling CCD tokens, whether they are within or outside the community. It is important for the DAO to create daily ROI for buybacks. Investors play a crucial role in the platform's success by providing the necessary funds for copy trading initiatives and platform development.

Ranking System

The Copycat DAO utilizes a ranking system to reflect the skill level of its members. Members can be ranked as Rookie, Veteran, or Master based on their knowledge and experience in their respective roles. This system helps the DAO identify its top performers and rewards them accordingly, while also encouraging members to continually improve their skills and knowledge.

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